Siribinha, Bahia: Beauty in Simplicity

Sirribinha, Bahia Straw Houses

The end of the year always gets us reflecting on our past year, the changes that may have occurred, what we are thankful for and how we would like to start off the New Year.

Sirribinha, Bahia Coconut Trees

This is also the time of year where we are frantically trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, and many of us are not forgetting those less fortunate, that are in need of our help.

These sorts of thoughts are what made me reminiscent of Siribinha, a small town that I visited in Bahia.

The people in this itty-bitty town blew me away with their honest and humble natures.

There is poverty all around in Brazil, but this is the first time that I have seen this level of poverty. Many families were living in homes made of coconut tree leaves, yet these homes did have access to electricity and some even had televisions.

Everywhere I went in Siribinha, children followed me around, laughing and smiling for my camera. I was definitely their entertainment, a pale American woman exploring with her camera!

Sirribinha, Bahia Children

So, what really is poverty?



Sirribinha, Bahia

These people may be poor in our standards of society, far from shopping malls, hardly any money for superfluous items, but what about the things that they do have?

Living in a remote area, far from the direct influence of advertisements telling what their desires should be, I'm sure that changes the meaning of the word "poor".

Almost all of the homes in this town have beautiful ocean views, access to delicious fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmland surrounding the area.

They have tropical weather, a vast landscape with forests, fields, beaches, rivers and the ocean, to explore and fall in love with.

What if we take away our electronics?

A place without Internet and cell phone service = a total relaxation spot. The white noise stops and it’s just you with nature, how it was meant to be.

A simple life is really appealing to me. (I'm secretly a hippie, passed down from my mama.)

There is still much more to be explored in Siribinha, I will have to go back again soon.

I hope that this post will encourage people to travel to Siribinha, the people are well worthy of a visit.

The rest of the shots:

Sirribinha, Bahia Fishermen
Sirribinha, Bahia River Mouth

Sirribinha, Bahia River

Sirribinha, Bahia Boy leading a Donkey

Sirribinha, Bahia Church

Sirribinha, Bahia River

Sirribinha, Bahia Boy Riding Horse

Sirribinha, Bahia Straw Houses

Sirribinha, Bahia Red Sand

Sirribinha, Bahia River

Sirribinha, Bahia Ruins of a House

Bahia Highway
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