A Whole New Life

Natalie Barbosa Self Portrait: A Whole New Life.

This year has been filled with many new things. Honestly, it has been overwhelming, and confusing, to say the least, then at the same time, it has been wonderful and exciting. I am filled with so many conflicting emotions.

First off, I have a new website, a new blog, a new full frame DSLR and a new 35mm lense. All tools to better serve my clients :)


  • newly married to a wonderful man,
  • communicating in a new language,
  • learning the ways of a new country,
  • soaking in the new culture,

  • loving the new foods,
  • getting used to a new name,
  • meeting new family,
  • making new friends, but very much missing the original family and friends,
Natalie Barbosa - Capoeira

So many of these things were happening at once, that I have appreciated this settling phase to collect myself.

The people of Brazil have been so accommodating and incredibly welcoming. Everyone wants to speak in english to me, even if only a couple words that they know.

I find that the people of Brasil tend to be happier with their lifestyle, no matter what their circumstance, and they are always coming together to celebrate their elected “futebol” teams.

FYI, I support Vitória when in Salvador or Rio’s Fluminense!

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
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